Target Setting and Programmes of Support

The therapist is able to set clear, achievable targets for the child and a support programme is provided and demonstrated.

All resources can be provided for the school so that the member of staff feels fully prepared and has everything they need to offer the child quality therapy without delay.

Staff are able to liaise regularly with the therapist and keep him/her informed of the child’s progress. Targets can be updated easily and new resources provided if necessary.

  • The training was really informative and a very practical session which will support me no end in continuing to help those children with speech and language difficulties.
  • You have given me heaps of ideas to support the children in my nursery more. Love that you are so helpful to send us resources and hints and tips!
  • We can’t thank or recommend you enough.
  • Without her I would not be able to support the children who need help the most.
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    NEW Summer School in Kent

    Intensive Summer Groups

    Speech4schools will be running fun, interactive summer camp groups this summer. Some will target speech sounds and some language development. Groups will be tailor-made for the children attending, so if you are interested in your child attending one of these groups, email us.