Here’s a list of the games I have in my speech and language therapy box which are always a hit in my sessions! Pop Up Pirate The Monkey Game Fishing HedBanz for kids Fillable eggs Make a face / make a person (hobbycraft) Skittles Knock down animals (foam animal stickers on paperclips and balls to Read More

There will be a live chat taking place on Twitter hosted by @wespeechies. They will be discussing collaboration between teachers and speech and language therapists, and how we can work together to better support children with Developmental Language Disorder*. If you’re on Twitter, head over and join in, Tuesday 9-10pm. In the meantime, here’s some Read More

Do you work with children with speed sound difficulties? Does your child struggle with their speech sounds? ‘Say it like a Snake’ by Lucy Morse is a children’s book about a girl named Sue who couldn’t say her ‘s’ sound. The author is a qualified speech and language therapist. I came across this book a Read More

Easter’s just around the corner! Here’s some Easter themed activities to try out in school or at home over the holidays. Good for speech work…. Easter Eggs – I picked up some of those fillable plastic eggs at the pound shop, supermarkets are also doing them around this time. What I like to do is Read More

Fun with syllables Phonological awareness is awareness of the sounds that make up words, and is an important early literacy skill. Awareness of the syllables that make up words is a fun skill to teach. Here are some game ideas for breaking words into syllables. Syllable awareness can be targeted in Year R and Year Read More

Firstly, as this is our first post of 2017, I feel I must say Happy New Year! I have been scrolling through the latest online resources and have come across some fab stuff to share with you all! Afasic have produced some new documents with a professional focus, which can be found by clicking here. Read More

I have been thinking up some Christmas themed games for speech therapy this week! So far we have had so much fun! Here’s a few… Stocking feely bag Put lots of Christmas items in a stocking, and ask your child to practice a word or sound from a pile before grabbing an item out of Read More

It’s that time of year again!! If you are searching for some ideas for Christmas themed activities to try out in your speech and language sessions, check out our blog post here. If you are planning to do some Christmas baking with your children, no need to buy new cookie cutters! Turn gingerbread man cookie Read More

…for infants, not adults. *sigh* A new study has found that frequent daytime naps for infants are positively associated with language development. It found that more frequent daytime napping was positively associated with the rate of both predicted receptive and expressive vocabulary development. Interestingly, those who slept LESS during the night (i.e. total hours sleep) Read More