About Us

The setting up of speech4schools

After many years of working in the NHS, I realised that when it comes to speech and language therapy, there is no ‘one-size fits all’; everyone’s needs are individual and what works for one child or one school might not necessarily work for another.

A prescriptive way of working in a school fails to get everyone on board. At speech4schools we offer a more flexible approach and take pride in what we do; no question is too silly and nothing is too much trouble when it comes to making a difference to a child. I pride myself on ensuring that we all offer a high quality service to pupils, schools and parents.

I now have an ever-growing team of therapists, all of whom are passionate about what we do and love to make a difference every single day when we go into schools. I’m in charge of finding out exactly what schools want and setting up the contracts with them. I then find the perfect therapist to provide that service for them and oversee the whole process, ensuring everyone is happy! The aim of speech4schools is to help and involve everyone so we can work together to support the child’s overall development.

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What does a Speech & Language Therapist do?

A Speech & Language Therapist works with a wide range of children with variety of speech, language and communication needs (SLCN).

These could include children who:

  • Have poor listening skills
  • Have difficulty understanding language
  • Don’t have many words in their repertoire
  • Struggle to join their words to form well-structured utterances
  • Find certain speech sounds difficult to produce
  • Stammer.
  • Do not to talk in certain settings (Selective Communicators)
  • Struggle to follow the unsaid ‘rules’ of communication and find the ‘social’ aspect of communication difficult
  • Have voice difficulties e.g. very hoarse voice

A Speech & Language Therapist would assess the child (formally and/or informally) and make any onward referrals if necessary e.g. to have their hearing checked or see an Occupational Therapist or Paediatrician. They would usually write a report and feedback clearly to all concerned exactly what the issues are and what needs to be done to support these. The therapist would offer support to Teachers, TAs and Parents and targets and strategies would be set. Resources are often provided. The Therapist may work directly with the child (whilst demonstrating ideas and training a member of staff) and will also support changes in the child’s environment (e.g. making the classroom more language friendly).

Meet the Team


I’m Sidonie and I am the Big Boss at speech4schools! I qualified from Manchester University in 2002 and spent the next 10 years building up my experience within the NHS and seeing its many downfalls! It was frustrating having to work within a framework and not simply thinking what would be best for the child.

As Mum of two myself, (one of my children having had severely disordered sounds!) I know how it feels to be a parent wanting the best for your child but not always knowing how to help and I also have an understanding of all the pressures on teachers and staff in schools.

I love my hands on work in schools and also enjoy the training side of things and the more consultative role. However, as my company grows I spend more time running the business, supporting schools and families as well as building up my fantastic team!


I have worked as a paediatric speech and language therapist since 2001 in both mainstream and specialist school settings. I have lived and worked all over Kent in this time, but have finally settled in-between Faversham and Canterbury I have a particular interest in high-functioning autism and vocabulary. I enjoy working alongside other professionals within schools, especially undertaking training, joint observation and goal-setting. I am kept busy at home by my wife and two primary-aged sons, whilst trying to keep fit improve my cookery skills!


My name is Sarah and I have been qualified as a speech and language therapist for four years.

I love keeping up to date with all the latest research and events in the speech and language therapy world! I find social media is a great way to find out about the latest news.

I write blogposts for the Speech4Schools blog, alongside keeping an eye on the Twitter and Facebook pages!

I am also available to carry out assessments and therapy for preschool and school aged children in the Thanet (Kent) area.


I qualified from the University of Reading in 2009 and since then have worked with children aged 2-19 years in a range of settings including clinics, nurseries, primary schools, secondary schools and family homes. Most recently I have worked in a specialist resource provision for children with complex speech, language and communication needs within a mainstream primary school.

I am passionate about helping each child to reach their full communication potential by working closely with everyone involved with each child and personalising the service they receive from me. I have completed a range of additional training and enjoy sharing this knowledge with the children, their families and school staff.