Intensive Summer Speech Sound Group


This intensive summer speech sound group is aimed to develop the child’s speech sound skills for 3 or 4 year olds.

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Although you will be given a full briefing after the session, a written report is often useful when 3rd parties such a schools and other professionals are involved.

  • These will run in the afternoons of the week beginning Monday 12th August until Friday 16th August. They will last for 2 hours each session, 10 hours in total. They will run 1-3pm. Parents are asked to leave their children for the session. A drink and snack is provided.

    The seasons are aimed at 3 and 4 year olds, especially those about to start school. These sessions will need a minimum of 3 children to run and have a maximum of 5 children. The group will develop the following skills:

    • A short assessment to identify the sounds they find hard to produce.
    • Attention and Listening.
    • Turn-taking, play and social interaction.
    • Developing the child’s ability to discriminate between sounds.
    • To develop the child’s phonological awareness skills which will help with phonics and literacy development (these skills include clapping out the number of syllables in words, identifying sounds at the beginning or end of a word, developing their understanding of rhymes etc.).
    • Developing their production of sounds they find difficult to produce.
    • Teaching the child how to then produce their target sound with a vowel and then in short simple words.
    • Parents will be given advice/feedback/tips on how to elicit sounds.
    • Resources and activities are provided to take home.

    The cost per child for the full total 10 hours support is £295.

    An optional report is available for a further £35 suitable to take to their new school.

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