Easter’s just around the corner! Here’s some Easter themed activities to try out in school or at home over the holidays.

Good for speech work….

Easter Eggs – I picked up some of those fillable plastic eggs at the pound shop, supermarkets are also doing them around this time. What I like to do is pop sound or word cards in each egg, place all the eggs in a bag, and ask my child to open the eggs and practice their sounds. Children love opening up these eggs to discover what’s inside! Place a small chick (or chocolate egg!) in one egg for them to discover. (You can also pop pre-teach vocabulary in eggs, or any other target you are working on).

Bouncing bunny – Using small round coloured circles made of paper or card, ask your child to Hop a rabbit along the rocks to the carrot at the other end. Pop sound or word cards under each rock to practice before moving on. If you are working in a group, use several bunnies, a dice, and see who can get to the carrot first.

Feed the bunny – Print out a large picture of a bunny, stick onto a large box, cut out the mouth, so children can post items into the rabbit’s mouth. Stick target sounds or pictures on to carrots, to practice before feeding to the bunny.

Egg hunt – a must at Easter! Hide your fillable eggs around the room, and ask your children to find them. They must then open it up and practice the sound or word inside. Who will find the egg with the prize inside?

Good for language work…

Where’s bunny? – hide bunny in the room. Ask your students to answer “Where’s bunny?” for example, “Bunny is ON the chair”, “Bunny is NEXT TO the flower” etc (place the bunny on, next to, in and under).

Matching game – Cut out some egg shapes from coloured card. Stick two pictures that go together on each egg (e.g. a slide and a swing) and cut the egg in half. Your children must jumble the egg-halves up and then match them up. You could match up mummy animals with baby animals (to go with the Spring theme!) or words that go together such as fork and knife, mouse and cheese, bread and butter etc.

Actions – using those fillable eggs (my fave!) take turns to open the eggs and reveal an action word or picture to act out! Ideas – jump, hop, wave, laugh, sit down, dance, stand on one leg, turn around, clap, shake, wiggle, lie down.

Egg hunt – Don’t forget to describe where your eggs were found during your garden or park egg hunt! “You found the egg in the tree!” “You found the egg hiding in the grass!” etc.

Happy Easter from all of us!