I have been thinking up some Christmas themed games for speech therapy this week! So far we have had so much fun! Here’s a few…

Stocking feely bag

Put lots of Christmas items in a stocking, and ask your child to practice a word or sound from a pile before grabbing an item out of the stocking! You could wrap small pressies for added motivation! (Christmas items ideas = baubles, bows, snowman, star, pine cone, tinsle, snowflake, ribbon, santa, reindeer, robin, hat, elf).

Stocking Vowells

Stick vowell sound cards to Christmas items, place them in a stocking, and have your child practice that vowell with their chosen sound when they take it out the stocking e.g. /t/ and /oo/.

Bow Bingo

You can get wrapping bows from the pound shop. Make a simple bingo board and ask the child to practice their words, before sticking a bow on top. The child must fill their bingo board with coloured bows!

Christmas Knock Down

I got some Christmas foam shapes from Hobbycraft last week. Sellotape a paperclip onto the back of each shape, bend so it creates a stand, and line them up, with a word or sound card underneath. The child must roll a ball to knock down the Christmas characters and practice their sounds or words. Alternatively you can cut some characters out of coloured card.

Who’s hiding?

Place some paper cups upside-down on the floor, and under each cup put a Christmas foam shape or a Christmas sticker (lots found in the pound shop!). Place the child’s word cards or sound cards on top of the cups. The child must practice their word before revealing their prize. (For phrase or sentence level work, you could ask the child to request which cup to turn over e.g. ‘turn over the carrot cup’. Great for /k/ sound work!).

Feed the snowman

Print out a large snowman picture, stick it to an empty cereal box, and cut a hole for the mouth. Place cotton wool balls on word or sound cards. The child must say the word/sound before feeding the snowman his snowballs.

Have fun! Merry Christmas!